Best Car Organization Ideas for Your Messy Friend's Car

Let's face it, we all have at least one messy friend whose car or truck might as well be a trash bag on wheels. No matter how much you try to clean it or empty it, they will manage to pile their things on the car mat again by next weekend.

Lucky for you, today we will discuss the best car organization ideas for your messy friend's car that will help you give them the tools and means to keep their things organized.

Let's dive right in.

Best Car Organization Ideas for Your Messy Friend's Car

Here are the best car organization ideas for your messy friend's car.

  • Backseat Organizer

While your messy friend may no longer surprise you with their messy car, they may shock you with an organized one if they opt for a backseat organizer. Most of the "important" stuff in their car is always thrown around, but with a backseat organizer, they can keep important things organized at all times.

This will substantially reduce the number of things lying around in their car because a back seat organizer adds storage and reduces messiness efficiently.

  • Use Cupcake Liners

You never have the space to put your coffee down in their car because their cup holders are the first space that gets filled up, often with trash or tiny items. However, if you place cupcake liners in their cup holders, not only will it be easier for you to pull everything out at once and place your coffee, but it will also keep the holders clean.

  • Maintain An Organized Trunk

Trunk space is valuable real estate, especially if you are going away on a road trip for the weekend, to the airport, or for your monthly grocery haul in your messy friend's car. This is where a car trunk organizer can be invaluable.

It allows your friend to keep things compartmentalized and organized in the trunk, so you can utilize prime trunk space whenever needed. You can also use their trunk organizer to store your things as well.

  • Glove Box Rule

When you sit in your messy friend's car, you are always welcomed by an overflowing glove box, which is likely open and eating up your leg space. If the ride is bumpy, some of its contents may land on you from time to time.

Convince your messy friend to make it a rule not to put more than four items in the glove box. This will force them to only keep the essentials in the glove box and use a backseat organizer or trunk organizer for the rest of the things in their car or truck.

  • Container Garbage Can

This may surprise you, but you can use a storage container for other things as well. You can place a plastic bag inside it and turn it into the car's garbage can. Since it can be sealed, you won't have to worry about garbage falling out.

Moreover, your messy friend won't have any excuses for trashing their car because a cereal storage container has a lot more space for garbage than you think. Replacing the plastic bag is quick and easy as well.


It isn't all that difficult to organize your messy friend's car and keep it that way. Try the mentioned car organization ideas, and you and your friend should be well on your way to a tidy car. These are just a few good ones, and there are plenty more we can discuss another time.

For now, just remember to be polite with your approach because a messy car is always better than a messy friendship.

If you want to learn more about the best car organization ideas for your messy friend's car or about the best backseat organizer or trunk organizer for a car or truck, please visit our website today.

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